Don't Tread On Me

I swear- by my life and my love it- that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine- Ayn Rand.

Politics are easy to understand.
Death is not.

I’m sitting at school and I just found out thorough a Facebook post that my step great grandmother is dead. She wasn’t ideal all the time, but she was a wonderful woman and I cared for her.

So, what to do. I now have to go through the day and act like everything is fine because my parents probably won’t pull me out of school.

My grandmother died last July. There has been so much death in my life lately. So many beginnings, yet so many endings.

It’s sad.

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The law, unfortunately, has always been retained on the side of power;
laws have uniformly been enacted for the protection and perpetuation of power.

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Rationality is man’s basic virtue, the source of all his other virtues.


i really hate people who think that “freedom of speech” means “i can be as rude and insulting as i want and you’re not allowed to get mad”

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You’re an individual, and that makes people nervous. And it’s going to keep making people nervous for the rest of your life.